Introduction to HTML

The abbreviation of HTML is Hypertext markup language. Bye using this you can create your own website without any charges. Here is complete course of HTML with detail. We hope you will enjoy it.

Editors for HTML

There are many text editors for html editing.
Some of them with there link are mentioned bellow.
1-> My favorite text editor is   Sublime.
2-> TextPad is useful for coding of HTML.TextPad
3-> Sea monkey is free for HTML coding CoffeeCup
4-> NodePade++ is very nice editor for html NotePad++

Steps for saving HTML file

Step 1

Open a text editor and write the html code.

Step 2

Press Ctrl + S or click on file from menu and click on save.

Step 3

Save the file with .html or .htm extension.

Step 4

HTML file is created now, double click on the file to open it in browser.

Here is the demo of saving html file using sublime text editor.

elements demo


Save the file of html using .html or .htm extension in any text editor.

History of HTML

Few HTML version with history are given below.

HTML(hypertext markup language) was published in 1991.
HTML 2.0
HTML 2.0 was published in 1995.
HTML 3.2
HTML 3.2 was published in 1997.
HTML 4.01
HTML 4.01 was published in 1999.
XHTML was published in 2000.
HTML5 was published in 2014.

For more about html history visit this link

Use of HTML in 2023

Before start learning html it is very important to use of html in current days.As we know that we daily visit some websites due to our need. Theses website are consists on a lot of code of html.And this is called web-development or webdesigning And one of the very useful rule of html in modern age of internet is navigation which is done by the hypertext concept. For embed a link is mostly done by the hyperlinks(if you want to learn more about hyperlinks visit the given link).HTML is very used for making images responsive on web page. For example when some web developer makes a gallery of image of web the mostly used html is easy to use and it is also user friendly.(if you want to learn about responsive webs than visit here). A new feature which developed in html5 is client side storage. Before this users have to save the files on server but not it become more easy to save the file on html5's created document.HTML5 is used very much because of it Offline capabilities usage.HTML5 is now mostly used in game development and getting most popularity in day by day.HTML5 has native APIs usage to enrich website

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