Attributes in HTML

Attributes in HTML5 are explained bellow as   Let’s go back to adding an image with the empty img element. Obviously, as we Know that an <img> tag is not very useful by itself—there’s no way to know which image to use.Therefore we use attributes in the tags for our understanding and browsers understanding. All the Attributes are instructions which are used to clarify or modify an element. For the img element, the src (short for “source”) attribute is required, and also used to specifies the location (URL) of the image file.

Syntax of Attribute

attributeName =" value "

All the Attributes usually go after the element name, separated by a space. In non-empty elements, attributes go in the opening tag only

<element attributeName="value" > Content </element>

Example of attribute

<p  style="background: grey; color: white; padding: 5px;" > 
    Background color is grey 

Output of above code

Background color is grey

Multiple attributes

More than one attribute in an element can be inserted. Just keep them separated with spaces.


elements demo

Example of multiple attributes

<img src="img/bg-img/gallery1.jpg" width="200px" height="200px">

Output of above code


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